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Data: 18/07/2014 22.01
Ogg: Re: Ilan Pappe, Incremental Genocide in the Gaza Ghetto


I agree with your assessment. I'm a friend of Ed Herman and Jamshed Ghandhi. I understand you've been working on the MMT view of the economic crisis in recent years. I was wondering if you could recommend anything good to read on the EU and specifically Italy in this regard? Also, I'd love to hear your take on Matteo Renzi. We have so few reliable analysts of European politics here in the United States.

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Anthony W. Orlando

Lecturer, College of Business and Economics, California State University, LA




Hi Anthony this is Paolo Barnard.

Thanks for replying. Curious that you know about my work with MMT, which is actually called Mosler Economics, since all of those MMTers ripped off Mosler's work and called it MMT. I wrote an essay in English on the history and development of the Euro Dictatorship dating back from the 1930's, including Italy, with the help of 12 international scholars. You'll find it in attach.

Matteo Renzi is the '20-years-later' Italian version of that Neoliberal bastard and war criminal called Tony Blair. You understand: one of the many previous Left parties turning into the most ferocious financial machines in the world. His economics advisors are pure ultra-Neoliberal-Neoclassical theorists like Serra and Gutgeld. I work for a very controversial Italian national Tv show, and I described Renzi as the Italian coccyx of Angela Merkel. He takes orders, that's all. His aims are those of our previous public spending killers to please Angela, like Mr Grilli, who after his dutiful stunt as a Neoliberal assassin in the Italian govt ended up as a super paid advisor for JPMorgan. Same old story... Paolo